Log collection ability

When you are in charge of log management, you cannot preserve logs for traces of evidence and cannot analyze logs without collecting necessary logs. You can obtain various kinds of logs, which other software products cannot gather, with MylogStar because MylogStar gathers logs from the kernel level of your OS. Unless you collect necessary logs, you cannot manage logs.

OS kernel-level log acquisition

MylogStar gathers file operating logs from the kernel level of your OS. This is why logs can be obtained regardless of GUI and CUI (command and prompt) if operated in accordance with the file system. MylogStar can obtain information about OS activity without having to rely on applications or operating systems.

Top in industry Obtain information regarding 15 types of client operation

With MylogStar, you can obtain logs for traces of evidence such as log in/ log off, file operations. For e-mails and web accesses, MylogStar allows you to see what your employees do on the Internet by recording network communication packets. The first step of log management is to collect all the necessary logs.

Computer Logs
User Logs
Application Logs
File Operation Logs
Printer Logs
E-mail Logs
Internet Logs
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Logs
Windows Title Logs
Screen Logs
Clipboard Logs
TCP Session Logs
Windows Event Logs
WEB e-mail Logs
Inventory Information Logs

MylogStar set-up image

Basic client-server composition of MylogStar

「MylogStar Agent」:Agent sofware for WIndows clients
「MylogStar Server」:Log collecting and storeing software
「MylogStar Console」:configuration software for the system settings