Operating Environment Compatibility

Operating Environment Compatibility

An enterprise system has a mix of different environments operating in it. Such a mix may include a virtualized environment, a thin client environment, and even a foreign-language OS if your company has branches and affiliates overseas. MylogStar is designed to work even under such circumstances.

Support for thin clients

Image of VDI support

A growing number of companies are introducing thin clients to enhance information security and business continuity as well as to ensure more efficient
IT asset management. MylogStar supports thin clients as well, which eliminates the need to install an additional log system for the thin client environment. It enables integrated log management even if your existing environment (fat clients) coexists with the thin client environment.
MylogStar also supports the VDI configuration and thin provisioning environment, allowing you to acquire operation logs and grasp the usage status.
MylogStar can also acquire the computer names and IP addresses of connected terminals in the thin client configuration and display them in operation logs.

Company name Solution name
Citrix Systems Citrix Virtual Apps
Citrix Virtual Desktops
VMware VMware Horizon
Microsoft Remote Desktop Service
Microsoft VDI
Ericom Ericom Connect
Parallels Remote Applocation Server

Support for a foreign-language OS

MylogStar supports the English version Windows as well and can also be used in a multilingual environment. This allows integrated management of logs not just for domestic branches, offices, and factories but for overseas locations as well.

Support of a large-scale system

Building MylogStar Relay Servers enables up to 30,000 clients to be managed per server.