Log Utilization Ability

Log Utilization Ability

No one knows when the collected logs will be used. If an information leakage is suspected, it may be necessary to check the logs spanning the past several years. These logs are meaningless unless they are readily usable. Building on years of experience in providing specialized software for client operation log management, MylogStar offers easy-to-use operation management to users.

Easy-to-use management screen

The management screen of MylogStar is designed with your usage scene in mind, so you can check logs and configure various settings with ease. The use of the web console allows you to access the management screen anytime via a web browser without installing any management software to the administrator’s terminal.

You can check the MylogStar status at a glance,such as “alert notification”, “log transmission/registration”, and “server disk capacity”.

Log display
You can pick and view any necessary log, just as you do on an online shopping website.

Setting screen
The setting screen is designed so that you can readily find the desired item, making it easy to configure various settings.

A rich suite of functions

MylogStar comes with various functions necessary for log management.
These functions let you perform log management with greater ease.


Search Group management Trace System date control
Collective log
data display
Report function CSV output
(server/real time)
Log archive Message function AD linkage
PC monitoring for
mobile devices
agent update
Management console
usage history
authority setting

 Trace function

The trace function lets you track the use of a file from a specific file log. For example, a trace from a file log saved in a removable disk can reveal its original file. You can also trace the copy of a file from the file server to the local disk, as well as the renaming of a file, with ease.