Log utilization ability

No one knows when collected logs will need to be used. In the case of possible information leakage, there may be a need to check logs dating back several years. Logs that cannot be put to practical use are useless. Having a long track record of providing specialized software for log management controlled by clients, MylogStar offers easy to use operation management.

Easy to use management screen

MylogStar’s management screen is designed considering client use, which is why log verification and other settings can be easily controlled. Moreover, with its Web console, you can use the management screen at any time if Internet access is available.

With MylogStar, “alert notification”, “log transmission/ registering”, “server disk capacity”, etc. can all be verified with just one glance.

Log display
One can pick and choose necessary logs just like shopping on the Internet.

Setting screen
Desired data can found on the setting screen with just one glance, making it easy to modify policies.

Variety of functions

MylogStar is equipped with various necessary functions for log management.
These functions make it possible to perform log management with greater ease.


  • Search
  • Trace facility
  • Log data skewering display
  • CSV output function
    (automatic/ manual)

  • Alert function
  • Message function
  • PC supervision when using mobile devices
  • Records of history of policy changes
  • Manager’s authority setting function
  • Group management
  • Control at system date
  • Backup/restoration function
    (complete/ incremental)

  • Log archive
  • AD linking
  • Automatic update-function of Agent
  • Remote install
  • Old version Log viewer

Trace function

The trace facility tracks how a file was being used by accessing information from the specific file log. For example, the former file easily turns out if you trace it from the record of the file kept on a removable disk. The copy to a local disk and the change in the file name can be easily traced from the file server.